Board Repair Profile

A lot of industrial companies face challenges when a circuit board breaks down. It can be difficult to fix at their side or have a long time delivery replacement by its OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Sometimes the item has been discontinued by the OEM and you will have to replace the whole machine or equipment

At MEGACHIPSEM, we specialize in fault finding, repair and life extension of every kind of circuit boards

Electronic parts gets worn overtime and much like other mechanical parts, it can be repaired on the same level. Some components get worn out due issues such as drying out, heat, moisture, vibration and other natural causes. By repairing, you will often both save time and money, furthermore maintain full operation with less or no downtime at all

If you are looking for a place for the repair of circuit boards, we can surely help.

10 Points Why Choose MEGACHIPSEM Board Repair

  1. Price is competitive most about less 30% of brand new
  2. Leadtime assessment and repair can be within 48 hrs at extra cost if parts is locally available
  3. No need of reference of good units since we use Signature Analyzer from USA they also use on Military
  4. Using Analyzer all components are scanned so near to fail components and other defects is fixed
  5. We have repaired a variety of 5000+ units board since 2003 from any major brand
  6. Our Techboard team Manager and Techs have more than 10 years in board repair
  7. Our boardrepair capability compliments with repair on servo,pump,chiller so more robust repair
  8. We have more than 200 customers at diffrent industries so experience on variety of repaired boards is vast
  9. We sourced imported parts on 3 major partners on diffrent location to ensure better pricing and availability
  10. Our sales team is responsive within 24hrs and after sales warranty is 6 months and high compared to competitors

The following pages contains an overview of brands and types of equipment which we already repaired or refurbished

NOTE: Not all brands and equipment types are mentioned, so please contact us for other inquiry or request

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Defect / Symptoms :

  • No power, no boot or no display
  • Hard touch, non-responsive touch
  • Broken LCD, broken touch panel, broken enclosure
  • Broken keypad, non-responsive keypad
  • No communication, broken parts





Motherboard or Mainboard

Defect / Symptoms :

  • No power, no boot-up, BIOS fault
  • Visible broken or burned parts
  • No signal with beep code / alarm beep
  • System malfunction
  • No display output
  • Freeze screen, no response

Main Board

Panel Type

Micro ATX

ATX Type

Servo pack / Servo Amp. / Servo driver

Defect / Symptoms :

  • No power / No Display
  • No output, Servo Motor Not Running
  • With error / Alarm codes
  • No communication, burned parts


Reliance Electric



Stepper Motor Driver

Defect / Symptoms :

  • No power - No output, Motor Not Running
  • With error / Alarm codes
  • No communication

Motor Inverter or VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)

Defect / Symptoms :

  • No power / Blackout operator panel
  • No output, motor not running, burned parts
  • Unbalance output, Over Current
  • With error / alarm code
  • Parameter set up

Allen Bradley

Fuji Electric