Megachipsem offers the most complete repair capabilities.

Our portfolio of repair services is designed to maximize the value of your products and equipments. We focus on delivering great quality repair to meet the customer's needs and desired results. We highly value customer trust that is why we give them the assurance of a full 100% customer support.

Board Repair

Megachipsem is a specialist when it comes to all aspects of Electronic Board repair and we do analytic troubleshooting using a signature analyzer.

Chiller Repair

Megachipsem is certified and highly-skilled in terms of diagnosing, servicing, repairing, and maintaining refrigeration and chiller systems.

Hydraulic Repair

Megachipsem utilizes its high-level capabilities to help customers reduce operating costs by restoring the performance and reliability of their existing Hydraulic systems, Pumps and Valves.

Servo Motor

Megachipsem specializes repairing and refurbishing servo motors back to its new condition.


Megachipsem provides expert spindle repair and rebuild that improves reliability and minimizes downtime.

Oven Repair

Megachipsem has the technical expertise and the drive to provide excellent service in reparing and maintaining industrial ovens.