Research and Development

What We Do

Megachipsem applies scientific research capabilities and customer insights to contribute in the development of products, equipment, and software that promotes business growth and positive social impact. We believe in the Filipino talent and passion and recognize its potential in contributing to better the society and the way of life.

Projects Developed

Recipe Program Loader (RPL)

Recipe Program Loader (RPL) is an application that enables the user to download the recipe files to its designated location depending on the information retrieved from the database server.

Equipment Uptime Monitoring (EUM)

Equipment Uptime Monitoring (EUM) is an automatic data log extraction software that summarizes machine error distribution and machine uptime.

iProtect Pro

iProtect Pro monitors unexpected and unwanted changes happening in your home or office through a wireless system with data logging and mobile app capabilities.

Universal Profiler

Universal Profiler is a production control that can record and save input data of machines. It can also be used to track the performance of machines through the input data stored.


Chiller that can be customized into any specification or requirement needed by the customer.

Mega Andon System

Andon System is a visual production control device which can continuously show the changing status of a production line. is a website that functions as an industrial yellowpage and job finder.